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    BNS Landscapes has specialised in Seawall maintenance and repairs for over 30 years mostly in Sylvania Waters replacing and renewing Tie Rods and Capping Beams.

    BNS has developed and patented a new revolutionary system and method of replacing the old dilapidated concrete Seawalls in Sylvania Waters using all FRP components eliminating concrete cancer and giving a 100 year design life.

    These walls can be replaced with a brand new technology without any percussion, vibration or interference with the current infrastructure in these properties.

    This system allows the old wall to remain in place with the new wall approx. 700mm in front of the old wall protecting all the currant assets of the property.

    BNS is delighted to have developed this innovative system which is the answer not only to the Sylvania Waters Seawall system but has the potential to go worldwide.

    BNS offers a 24 hour emergency service on all Sylvania Waterways Seawalls.

  • Testimonials

    I refer to the major construction works and landscaping now completed by your company for us at Macintyre Crescent, and wish to thank you for a most professional service and excellent outcome.

    Your preparation then installation of a thirty one metre sea wall, tie rods, major ground works and then final landscaping completed a very complex project on time, on budget, and not a single problem. Your staff were all excellent, and performed their duties to a high level of competence. Many thanks for this great result."

    Best regards,
    Maree & Geoff Humby

    I have been dealing with BNS Landscapes for over 30 years. Barry and his team did many landscaping jobs for our company to apply the finishing touches to new motor vehicle showrooms that we had built.

    About 18 months ago Barry and Peter started to build a new seawall system in Sylvania Waters. After watching 3 new walls being constructed, my wife and I decided to replace our seawall. The design and construction method of the new wall is outstanding. It is approximately 500mm higher and is built in front of the existing wall giving you a bigger waterfront.

    Ben and David did most of the new works with Peter and Barry on site every day. The finished job is magnificent. It was the most organised and professional constructed job I have ever see. On completion of the new wall, BNS landscaped the now larger back yard. Again the finished product is a pleasure to look at.

    We cannot speak highly enough about the whole team at BNS Landscapes. They have brilliant work ethics and are tidy and courteous. The experience was most enjoyable and we praise Barry and Peter for having such an outstanding team."

    Chris and Sue Purnell